Sandstone Springs IPA – India Pale Ale

Our signature beer. Named after the spring where we first started getting our brew water from as home brewers. A clean finishing, light bodied IPA that is very aromatic with a citrus punch.

ABV=6.5%                  IBU= 62

Pearl O’my Eye – New England style IPA

A game changer of an ‘IPA’. A very tropical, or ‘juicy’, India Pale Ale. Made with Pearl malt and 5 other grains, we add hops 6 times during the boil, and twice in fermentation. Also known as ‘the converter’ because many who consider themselves to not like IPA’s, think differently after trying this one.

ABV=7.3%                  IBU= 77

Deerfoot Nut Brown Ale

A full flavored brown ale with strong nutty and caramel flavors without being overpowering. Because it is light bodied, this very refreshing, slightly sweet ale, is very easy drinking.
This beer is named after an equally complex and thrilling local mountain bike trail at Jakes Rocks. A portion of the proceeds from every Deerfoot Ale sold will be donated to help maintain and build our local mountain bike trails.

ABV=5.4%                  IBU= 22

Mocha Stout – Oatmeal Stout

A rich, dark, creamy oatmeal/stout with strong coffee notes and hints of chocolate. A surprisingly light bodied drink that you may want to substitute for your morning java.

ABV= 7.1%                  IBU= 40

Common Man Craft Pilsner – Czech Style Lager

This easy drinking pilsner is hand crafted for the everyday beer drinker in mind. We use generous amounts of flaked corn to give this Czech style pilsner a non-so-common taste. Although not considered a light beer by any means, you may be happy to know that a lower ABV and only 140 calories (12oz.) will let you enjoy this refreshing lager all day.

ABV=4.5%                   IBU= 12.5

Lupulin Eclipse – Black IPA

This dark, rich, malty IPA will surprise you with the first sip. Although dark in color, this medium-bodied ale will not weigh you down. The hop punch balances the richness for a clean finish that invites you for another sip.

ABV=7.0%                  IBU= 45

Double Down – Double IPA

A high test version of the Sandstone Spring IPA. With the increased ABV comes an increased intensity of spice notes, sweetness, and an enticing citrus aroma. Surprisingly easy drinking double served in a 12oz. pour so you don’t get to bent..

ABV=8.2%                  IBU= 68

Fireplace Friend – Winter Ale

An ale to warm your sole. A milder bitterness balanced by a malty richness not commonly found in your everyday ale. This one is easy drinking and pairs with just about any food. Perfect for sitting around the fireplace on those cold winter nights

ABV=6.3%                  IBU= 40

Pumpkin Pie Ale

An ale brewed with real pumpkin, all-natural spices, and local maple syrup from the Lindell farm. A seasonal treat brewed only once a year. Get it while it lasts.

ABV=6.1%                  IBU= 30

X-Files IPA – Experimental IPA

We are always experimenting with new concoctions and variations of barley’s, hops, and yeast. This is your chance to try a one-off brew that isn’t available anywhere else and to also give us some feedback on whether this experiment is something that we should turn into a regular offering.

ABV=?                   IBU=?

Summer Wit – Belgian Wheat

A traditional Belgian Wheat beer known as a WIT.  Our WIT is brewed with fresh ground coriander and orange peel that’s hand zested moments before going into the boil kettle.  A light and refreshing drink perfect for summertime.

ABV=5.0%                   IBU=13